Vlaamse Boogjacht Vereniging / Flemish Bowhunting Association

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The Flemish Bowhunting Association (FBA) is an association of hunters who are convinced that hunting with the modern bow and arrow is an added value for Flanders. The FBA, with its knowlegde and experience on bowhunting, wants to be the prime contact point for for anyone who seeks solid and proven knowledge and experience about hunting with the bow and arrow.


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By means of a solid education given by certified and experienced instructors, the FBA wants to form responsible and well trained hunters who will one day in the near future be able to legally hunt with the bow and arrow in Flanders.



The FBA and its members ensure safe and responsible hunting with bow and arrow. Respect for legislation, for fellow human beings, for its natural environment and for wildlife are the highest priority for the FBA and its members.



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